There are a huge number of companies in Iasi that offer spatii de inchiriat iasi. To take forward these apartments, employers need to hire labor to carry out the tasks necessary to provide the services of these places, employers need to hire receptionists, waiters, lifeguards, cleaners, managers etc..

This is very beneficial for the citizens, and thanks to all the companies created through tourism, multiple jobs to help reduce unemployment in the cities, that is generated, perfect competition generated by all apartment complexes in Iasi generate a labor supply that helps the economy of the city, as it is a market that many local families benefit.
Moreover, the citizens of the city can also be consumers of the apartments on offer in the south, so they can enjoy lower prices offered by perfect competition resulting from mass tourism that receives the city every year. Apart from this, many apartments have special rates for residents, so that the citizens of the city can enjoy a holiday of sun and sand to an even lower cost.

Public Administrations

As mentioned in the previous section, firms who run apartments in south hire a lot of local citizens to provide their services. All these people have a contract and therefore companies will have to pay social security to hire them, that is, the government will tax companies that pay to hire workers. At the same time companies that have to pay corporation tax, a tax that you have to pay any company in Romania, so the government of the Iasi City also benefit from this tax. Given the large number of workers who are in the apartment market and the large number of companies out there offering apartments in the city, the government will get a good portion of their revenue from this market.

Moreover, we know that the apartment market, hires many citizens of the city, which are paid in exchange for their work. Any person who has an income must pay taxes so the Iasi government also earns income by citizens engaged in this sector. Government of the Iasi benefit of this perfectly competitive market through taxes that are obtained with all the activity generated around them.

The market is characterized by a large number of applicants, the applicants in this market are tourists coming to the city. All these tourists stay here for several days, but others consume apartments like they consume food, drink, city souvenirs… All the products included in the price are an indirect tax that tourists also pay therefore, again Iasi government benefit from taxes collected through this market.